Thousands of men from all over the world flock to Ukraine hoping to meet gorgeous, intelligent and sexy Eastern European women. There is no doubt, you can run into Mila Jovovich, Daria Werbowy or Natalia Vodianova simply by taking a stroll along narrow streets of the old city. But can you approach, meet and attract these independent, well-established and sophisticated ladies? Are you sure ;) ?
         Imagine how your life will change when you are able to attract and date ANY woman you like! The best part is that you will not need looks of a movie star, a huge bank account, a luxury car or an apartment in downtown Manhattan. Women will fall in love with YOU!
         All men have innate ability to attract women easily. However, few of us ever use this gift to its full potential. Thanks to SUMO hundreds of men now have the knowledge, skills and confidence to attract and date gorgeous women other men don't dare to look at.
         SUMO is the worlds most advanced dating and relationship training. We offer you the secrets that took us 5 long years of hard in-field work and painstaking research to collect. We help you develop core skills and qualities that we found ALL women are irresistibly attracted to. Over the course of training these skills become deeply rooted in your psyche. New subconscious confidence mixed with your own personal style guarantees success with women regardless of your background, language you speak or country you live in.
         Are there many seduction trainings all over the world? Yes, there are! But SUMO is often regarded the most effective even abroad (Israel, Germany, Russia etc). But when it comes to seducing the Ukrainian girls, In Ukraine there is absolutely no doubt who is the best.


         Our clients come from various backgrounds, have different skill levels and goals, but if you are committed to becoming good with women SUMO can help. Whether your goal is to meet a new woman every day, to build a harmonious relationship with a women you love, increase your social awareness or simply gain insight into intricacies of male/female interaction SUMO is for you.


         Here are a few things that we cover in your training:

  • The structure of attraction from meeting a woman to seduction
  • How to be a natural leader in social settings
  • How to develop a habit of meeting women everywhere and all the time
  • How to convey personality
  • How to build lasting connections with people
  • How to tell interesting stories
  • How to share interests
  • How to get a girls phone number within minutes after meeting her
  • How to plan intriguing, unusual and memorable dates
  • How to utilize simple yet effective NLP techniques
  • How to create romance in a relationship
  • How to build sexual tension
  • The effective use of body language and physical escalation
  • How to end relationships and remain friends

  • FAQ

             What is the format of the training?
             The training consists of 4 weeklong blocks. Our trainers present the theory over the weekends while our support staff helps you with homework assignments on weekdays.

    Who are your trainers?

             Our instructors are self-made masters of communication, attraction and seduction. See our Team section for bios.

    Will I get any hands-on experience?

             You will have plenty of time to practice your new skills under the supervision and support of our coaches and staff.

    What will your coaches do for me?

    Our coaches will do everything to help you succeed with women:
  • Demonstrate their skills in live environment
  • Provide a comprehensive explanation of principals of attraction
  • Motivate and encourage students to employ newly learned skills
  • Observe students in-field and provide feedback and corrections
  • Help you to overcome approach anxiety

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